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STOP PRESS: EGTA secures first sales of websites to Gaza – Twin Edinburgh with Gaza (

Love Palestine? Need a website? Low prices + High quality. Guaranteed!

A website built in the UK will cost you £1000+. One built in Gaza will be half that, or less. Why? The Israeli blockade, now in its 15th year, has meant a whole generation of people have developed skills in the one space that Israel cannot police… CYBERSPACE. The Gazans – a literate and numerate people – the Arabs invented algebra (al-jabr) after all – have turned to learning software in their droves and the Gaza Strip can now boast a booming IT industry. And you can be part of it. Because wages are low, websites are cheap. And Gazans speak excellent English!

They can do Apps for mobile phones too.

Gaza – Home of the Middle East’s Top Tech Talent

Since 2011, various charities have set up IT training initiatives which have been propelling Palestine’s digital economy to transcend borders through cutting-edge peer-led education. The Edina-Gaza Twinning Association (EGTA) has worked with these agencies to secure a deal whereby we can get your website built in Gaza at prices starting from just £500.

See the first £500 site, built by top developer Saleem Summour (at, for an English-Teaching business in Edinburgh at Another developer we work with is Sameh Almadhoun.

We’ll help you clarify what you need, then promote it to our list of Gazan developers, pre-selected with the IT training agencies there and vetted by us. Those developers who have capacity will then pitch you their portfolio of past websites, with a quotation for what you need. You choose the developer and style you like best, at the price you can afford (we can help you choose). 

EGTA in Edinburgh will then ensure you get the product you require, bringing in our EGTA Secretary in Gaza to help as needed.  You pay a 10% retainer to the developer at the start of the job, then the balance on completion – you can pay through Western Union (WU), either online or at one of the many newsagents and shops that do WU transfers. Result: you create work for Gazans… Your fee will feed a family for months… And you get a beautiful website, with aftercare as needed!

We build websites using the WordPress platform at present. Apps are built using appropriate software. The first step in any project is to get your website prototyped using “wireframing” to create a clickable pdf that lets you see roughly how your website will work. This model is easily and quickly adapted; once refined to what you think will work best, it forms the base for your new website.

Do let us know if you are interested and we would be happy to share our methodologies, past work details, client testimonials and prices.

Our pricing is very reasonable.

Note: – Our support is personal and individual to every client and we guarantee the best possible service and available 24/7.

If you have any queries, please email Pete at

Download our promotional flyer as a pdf here

Gaza Municipality approves of our scheme

To Start the Process..

Let us know you are looking for web services through giving us details of your requirement on our Submission Form:

Click here to enter your details in the Submission Form

After you’ve done this, we’ll be in touch within a few days. If you want a speedy response, please also send an email to letting us know you are looking for a quote.

In the form, we’d like to know-

What is your app or web design requirement?

Eg create a new website/ replace an existing site/ make changes to my current website/ create an online form/ build an app, etc

What are your app/website needs?

Eg to sell products/ to inform/ to collect data

Do you know which software technology you need?

Eg I know the front-end look I want/ I know the back-end functionality I want/ As recommended by the pro

Do you need someone to write the text for your site (“copy”)? If so, what type of copywriting is needed?

Eg I don’t need copy/ I need all the web content to be written by you/ etc

If you need copy, how many words do you require?

eg Less than 250 (eg product description, review)/ 1,000-1,999 (eg 2-3 articles, web pages) etc

If you need copy, what is the scope of the work?

Eg Ongoing engagement/ one-time project/ I would like to discuss with the pro/ etc

What type of business is this for?

Eg Sole Trader/ size/ number of employees

What industry do you operate in?

Eg Entertainment & events/ Retail+consumer goods/etc

When would you like the app/website to go live/be updated?

eg Within a few days/weeks/months/etc

What is your estimated budget for this project?

Eg £500-£1,000; £1,000 – £1,500; etc

How likely are you to make a hiring decision?

eg I’m definitely going to hire someone/just making enquiries/etc

Additional details

Whatever else it would be helpful for us to know


Do you have need of an interpreter or for a document to be translated to English or another language? We will get one of our Gazans to help. Good rates, starting at £25/hr. Please contact Pete at

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